DeckJet II - Enhance your pool experience with movement and sound


The MagicStream Deck Jet II creates a graceful arc of water that enters your pool with a gentle splash. The stream seems to appear magically from your pool deck since the jet installs flush and out of sight. The result is a visual focal point that’s simply captivating and a soothing sound that enhances the serenity of your backyard escape. Install one or several jets to enhance the overall sensory experience of your poolscape.

Pentair DeckJet II

SKU: 580003

    • Water stream height is adjustable to a maximum of six feet. Water direction is adjustable up to 360°.
    • Easy-to-adjust nozzles enable your creativity—concentrate all streams into a single entry point, overlap streams of different heights, or create a symmetrical, multi-stream archway…and more.
    • Polished bronze-colored plates provide an elegant, quality finish.
    • 1 year warranty.