Highly durable and robust salt chlorinator made in Australia by Pentair - one of the world's most renowned pool equipment manufacturers.

By using time tested technology and superb materials and build, this chlorinator delivers dependable water sanitation day in and day out. It is simple, easy to use and reliable.

The cell housing has allocations for either 40mm PVC pipe or 50mm PVC pipe with the use of the supplied PVC reducing bushes.



  • Dependable. Requires no maintainance.
  • Fully Automatic. Manual operation mode also available
  • Durable and sturdy built.
  • Easy to install on new or existing pools.
  • Easy to use. User-friendly design. Easy timer operation setup and simple programming. Good, clear documentation.
  • Australian Made. Support our local jobs and get a quality and durable product with great warranty.
  • 5 Years Warranty: 3 Years Full Warranty plus 2 Years Pro-rata on the cell.



  • Low salt operation: 3500-4500ppm (0.35% - 0.45%)
  • Battery backup
  • Over temperature protection
  • High-efficiency toroidal transformer
  • Premium grade titanium cell
  • Over current protection
  • High-quality Panasonic timer
  • Silicon controlled rectification
  • Very high chlorine production
  • Acrylic weather shield
  • High impact ABS plastic cell housing
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Manual and Automatic mode
  • Fully adjustable chlorine control
  • Chlorine output monitor
  • Reverse Polarity self-cleaning electrode
  • 35 gms per hour

Freeflo Saltwater Chlorinator FFCL-35-RPQ - Pentair