The average house with an average pool of 45,000 litres, will generally consume about 11,000kWh in total. A pool, with a pressure cleaner and a solar heater, will be using approximately 45-50% of the total consumption. If they only have a pressure cleaner, then this drops to 40-45%.

With electricity prices and the cost of living soaring, there’s never been a better time to go solar. Far from being a ‘one size fits all’ solution to your energy needs, there’s a solar system perfect for your pool, home and budget. Reliable and cost effective, a 1.5kWh solar system is perfect for the average Aussie family.


3Kw Solar System to power your pool

$4,995.00 Fully Installed 

Average cost of 3 kw System:

$4,500 to $5,600

Number of panels:


Power generated:

13.2 units/day

How much can I save?

The average swimming pool will cost between $800 - $1200 annually, about $23 each week.

You can save as much as $200 per billing cycle.

However, savings tend to average out at about $120 – $180 per billing cycle.

Here’s everything you need to know


5Kw Solar System to bust your power bill $6,995.00 Fully Installed 

All Prices Exclude GST

Above systems does not include the STC rebates which are signed over to TFPC for your instalation

How many panels does it have?

A 3kW solar system has 12 solar panels. If you use 250W panels you’ll need at least 20m2 of roof space, as each panel is around 1.6m by 1m in size.

How much power does it generate?

On average, a 3kW solar system generates 13.2 units a day. This equates to around two thirds of the electricity used in a modest Aussie household. However, remember the more power you use, the less you’ll save on your electricity bills. If your household uses a lot of power, a larger system might be more appropriate.

It’s also worth noting the amount of power your 3kW system generates depends on two key factors – your system’s positioning and your location. Some locations receive consistently more sun than others, and you’ll generate more power in summer than in winter. But don’t worry – regardless of your location, our installers will position your system to ensure it receives the most direct sunlight possible, all year round.

And it goes without saying higher quality systems produce better results. By purchasing the highest quality panels and inverters you can afford, you’re setting yourself up for a greater return on your investment.

Above systems does not include the STC rebates which are signed over to TFPC for your instalation